"This is the biggest news story of mankind!"

BREAKING NEWS - Ex-NASA contractor known publicly as 'Boggle' describes how as a kid he stumbled onto an unusual discovery in his grandfather's basement.

This find included a detailed blueprint for a pair of anti-gravity shoes which allows a person to walk on water, and a bizarre diary. Boggle states:

Through my grandfather's diary I learned our family descended from a group who pre-dates the ancient Egyptians, known as the Osirians.

This civilization developed high technology which allowed them to leave earth and start a new life on one of the Kepler planets, NASA has found.

Nabta Playa: First Observatory in Human History | About Islam    kepler186f_comparisongraphic.jpg

On July 23, 2015, NASA's Kepler mission confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone”. For more information about this latest discovery, click HERE.

Many Osirians remained on earth, creating the 'lost city' of Zerzura, near Africa's Sahara desert.

Unknown to the public, Zerzura is a multi-racial civilization, thousands of years ahead of modern society, according to classified records.

There have been numerous discoveries that seem to disagree with history as we know it.

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The Osirians use cloaking technology to hide their advanced society, similar to the city of Wakanda in Marvel's blockbuster Black Panther.

For the first time ex-NASA contractor Boggle reveals their hidden, futuristic city to the world!

Many explorers have tried find this mysterious hidden society, but all of them have returned from their expeditions empty-handed.

"Lost Document Proves An Advanced African Super Race Has Been Hidden for Centuries"

At the 2:12 mark of the interview below, NASA engineer Norman Bergrun states there is one image of black 'people' getting off a space ship. 

Dr. Bergrun discusses the advanced space travel technology of the Osirians in his rare book - 'Ringmakers of Saturn' which currently sells on Amazon for as much as $5,000, for a used copy.

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"This is the most important story in the history of humanity"

Be amazed as Boggle presents exciting & revolutionary Osirian technology to take us into the future.


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Every decade or so, a stunning breakthrough sends shock waves racing through the scientific community, generating a feverish outpouring of papers and activity.

This time, the Internet lines are burning up as reports keep pouring in about a scientific phenomenon, known as Boggle.

Nothing like it has ever been seen before! Truly a WONDER OF THE WORLD! Insiders have stated:

"This is the most important story in the history of humanity"

"Boggle is the most advanced mind on the face of the earth, centuries ahead of even the most accelerated thinking...where science and magic intermingle & the future of mankind is defined"            

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