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Discover the most fascinating true story in human history.                        

A secret that was never supposed to be found...revealed by ex- contractor with NASA Space Agency known as 'BRAIN'.             

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BREAKING NEWS - Thousands of years ago in the Sahara desert, an advanced society known as the Ringmakers, developed a higher technology than our own to escape the surface & start a new life on the ocean floor, NASA Space Agency have found. 

For the first time BRAIN reveals the Ringmakers incredible underwater civilization to the world.

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Today their bio-dome society is hidden in an undersea location, named 'Secret City' by NASA. Very little has been known about this classified case, until now.




Hidden at the bottom of the ocean, the bio-dome society of Secret City is 700 years ahead of any culture on earth.    

Numerous sightings of strange lights leaving and entering the sea around the world, has led some experts to believe that these areas may be home to Secret City's underwater base.  

A new documentary Globe Shocker TV features BRAIN (ex-contractor with NASA Space Agency), as he shares Secret City's amazing true story & demonstrates mind blowing technology, concealed from the public.


In this astounding documentary you'll discover Secret City's 16 foot tall human giants, bio engineered intelligent octopus, the origin of mermaids, aqua-tronics & other super science, plus more! Preview clip...



See him IN PERSON, you won't believe your eyes. A mystery straight out of the Twilight Zone! Be amazed as BRAIN presents revolutionary concepts to take us into the future.

Related imageNothing like it has ever been seen before! Truly a WONDER OF THE WORLD! Insiders have stated:

"This is the most important story in the history of humanity"

"BRAIN is the most advanced person on the face of the earth, centuries ahead of even the most accelerated thinking...where science and magic intermingle & the future of mankind is defined"


Every decade or so, a stunning breakthrough sends shock waves racing through the scientific community, generating a feverish outpouring of papers and activity.

This time, the Internet lines are burning up as reports keep pouring in about a scientific phenomenon, known as BRAIN.

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