Every decade or so, a stunning breakthrough sends shock waves racing through the scientific community, generating a feverish outpouring of papers and activity.

This time, the Internet lines are burning up as reports keep pouring in about a scientific phenomenon, known as Darkspeed.

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Ex-NASA contractor known publicly as 'Darkspeed' describes how as a kid he stumbled onto an unusual suitcase belonging to his grandfather.

Inside contained a 9,000 year old holograph device - a lost family heirloom from a high tech African civilization, hidden for centuries.

The holograph machine shows moving 3D images of the Great Pyramid being built, as well as science and events hundreds of years in our future.

What other secrets does this strange device hold?

Find out in the controversial book and DVD.



*1) Darkspeed...Father Of A New Age 

*2) Black Panther: More Than A Movie

*3) The Saturn Connection - Earth's Purple Dawn

*4) Return Of The Giants - (NASA - Tall blacks got off spaceship, giants on the pyramids, tall people on Mars - CIA RV document, re-claim the Pyramid)

*5) The Great Pyramid...Finally Solved

*6) Bermuda Triangle (Explained)

*7) The Malibu Mystery

*8) Multi-verse Magic

*9) Star Food Of The Gods

*10) Shaping Tomorrow

*11) Conclusion


CHAPTER 1 - Darkspeed...Father Of A New Age

My name is Darkspeed. I was born with a negative static charge in my brain, which gave me an increased IQ and allows me to present advanced science principles which some say looks like magic.

As a former contractor for NASA Space Agency, keeping my unusual inventions and abilities from my colleagues was challenging, to say the least.

Among my classified inventions, I developed a future-based device called a Psychodrome helmet, with 3 special functions:

1) Phase Shifter - Allows me to change the frequency of my body's atomic structure to pass my hand through a table or walk through walls. 

(I am legally restricted from performing this particular Phase Shifting demonstration in public.)

2) Brainwave Booster - To demonstrate 'Psycho-Power', which some say looks like magic.

Time travel

3) Temporal Time Travel - Induces an artificial acceleration field around my body, allowing me to not only to slow down time but also speed it up.

With this technique I can view past and future events, similar to the film Back To The Future.

My suit is specially designed to provide bio-field protection in the temporal environment of various time periods I visit. 

The Psychodrome helmet is the world's first time machine, with advanced microcircuitry, nanotechnology, and 5D crystal power.

It has allowed me to record live audio of Abraham Lincoln's speech in Fords Theater the night he was murdered.

The Psychodrome helmet is one thousand years ahead of today's science and contains superluminal processing circuits that allow interspatial data transmission at faster-than-light speeds. 

I've put the Pyschodrome's building instructions in a time capsule along with a provisional patent on the helmet, not to be released until the 22nd century when society will be ready for the technology.

For now you have a sneak preview of what's to come in our near future in my book treatise.

Through my grandfather I learned that our family descended from a group who pre-dates the ancient Egyptians.

This civilization developed high technology which allowed them to leave earth and start a new life on one of the Kepler planets.

U.S. Officials found evidence in the Sahara desert which confirmed my grandfather's strange account.

In an old trunk in the basement, my grandfather kept a holograph machine which is estimated to be  12,000 years old.

Among other things, the holograph device showed moving images of very tall people building the Great Pyramid using advanced soundwave technology to cut and lift the huge stones.

NASA scientist by the name of ______ wrote a book on this advanced society. His book is called 'Ringmakers of Saturn' and sells on Amazon for as much as $15,000, for a used copy.

The author named them 'Ringmakers' based on unreleased photos showing "mile long spacecraft" creating and manipulating the rings around Saturn.

In an online interview ______ stated to the host "there was one image we have of black people getting off the ship".

This is the same high-tech society that left to settle on a Kepler planet thousands of years ago. As you can imagine, their technology is lightyears ahead of modern science.

Think of wormhole technology, and what I've termed Multi-verse Magic...

This is an advanced form of physics the Ringmakers use to change the frequency of the atomic structure in their bodies and spacecraft, allowing them to pass through walls and 'blink' in or out of our 3D world at will.



CHAPTER 2 - More Than A Movie

The shocking parallel between the Black Panther film and a lost African super race, hidden for centuries...until now.


BREAKING NEWS - Discover the African lost super race that according to hidden records mastered technology they should not even be aware of.

Lost Document Proves An Advanced African Civilization Has Been Hidden for Centuries...       

Thousands of years ago in the Sahara desert, an advanced society known as the Ringmakers, developed a higher technology than our own, NASA Space Agency have found.  

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This included cloaking technology which hides their culture from the public today.

For the first time ex-NASA contractor Darkspeed reveals the Ringmakers hidden, futuristic city.

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Discover the most fascinating true story in human history. A secret that was never supposed to be found...   


Unknown to the public, the advanced Ringmakers society is 700 years ahead of any culture on earth and contains living dinosaurs, 16 foot human giants & other marvels.




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