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Uncover the Secret CIA Experiment

What Critics Say...

"This is a superb piece of work. It is the only book that I know of about PopTw?ster, who is generally considered a notable curiosity, but whom the book establishes as an absolutely central and pivotal historical character.

This historiography is masterful--meticulously detailed and coherently presented. This is an important book, filling a gap that wasn't previously known to have been so substantial.

It's well written, a tour de force at amassing the data. It is a must read."

-- D. Merkur, author



1) Introduction: Who Is PopTw?ster

2) Black Panther: More Than A Movie

3) The Great Pyramid...Finally Solved

4) We Are All Atlanteans

5) The Malibu Mystery

6) Stargate Magic: Advanced Technology

7) Star Food Of The Gods

8) Beyond Tomorrow

9) Conclusion


CHAPTER 1 - Who Is PopTw?ster

Uncover the Secret CIA Experiment

Hoverboards, self-lacing shoes and flying cars may still largely be the stuff of science fiction, but at least one man has already traveled "where we don't need roads".

PopTw?ster is under legal restriction to not discuss technological details, but states the Time Jump® helmet is 900 years ahead of modern science.

It has allowed him to 'remote visit' living dinosaurs, the construction of the pyramids at Giza and see important events of the future we still know nothing about. 

PopTw?ster describes how he stumbled onto an amazing find in his grandfather's basement.  

   Image result for ancient diary pic

This included an unusual blueprint for a pair of crystal based anti-gravity shoes which reduces a person's weight, allowing them to walk on water!

PopTw?ster says:  

While researching the anti-gravity shoes, I learned our family descends from an unknown civilization called Zerzurans who were the forefathers of the ancient Egyptians.


The Zerzurans developed high technology which allowed them to leave earth and start a new life on one of the Kepler planets, records show.

The Anunnaki In World History     Scale of Kepler-452b System

On July 23, 2015, NASA's Kepler mission confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone”. For more information about this latest discovery, click here.

Many Zerzurans remained on earth, creating the 'lost city' of Zerzura, near Africa's Sahara desert.

Hidden from the public today, Zerzura is a technological wonderland, with people of all different races, according to classified records.    

Related image  Related image

There have been numerous discoveries that seem to disagree with history as we know it.

Zerzura contains crystalline domes, pyramids, and utilizes cloaking technology to conceal their advanced society, similar to the city of Wakanda in Marvel's blockbuster film Black Panther.

For the first time PopTw?ster introduces the hidden, advanced city of Zerzura to the public.

Many explorers have tried to find this mysterious hidden civilization, but all of them have returned from their expeditions empty-handed.

Wikipedia states:

"Zerzura is said to be a city in the Sahara full of treasure with a sleeping king and queen. The city is guarded by black giants who keep anyone from going in and coming out.

         Related image    

The film English Patient was loosely based on the search for Zerzura. The first European reference to Zerzura is in an 1835 account by the English Egyptologist  John Gardner Wilkinson."

  Zerzura – Lost Ancient Sahara Oasis Guarded By Black Giants   mountain in Egypt

"PopTw?ster reveals the shocking parallel between Black Panther's Wakanda and Zerzura (a lost high tech wonderland), hidden in Africa for centuries until now."

In the brief interview below, NASA engineer Norman Bergrun discusses the advanced space travel technology of the Zerzurans. 

Dr. Bergrun's rare book 'Ringmakers of Saturn' currently sells on Amazon for as much as $5,000.

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PopTw?ster's Holojump® helmet allows him to experience past and future time periods with 'remote visiting', an advanced form of remote viewing (a U.S. Military tested methodology).

This unusual device uses micro-circuitry and 5D crystals technology.

Image result for magic glowing crystal pics        Related image

"This is the biggest news story of mankind"

Nothing like it has ever been seen before!

See it IN PERSON...You Won't Believe Your Eyes!


The secrets of the Holojump® helmet utilize a scientific fact discovered by Einstein and developed further by confidential experiments run by the US Government through Stanford Research Institute.

This revolutionary stargate science is based on neurophysical interaction with the universe and bending of electromagnetic fields.

Image result for project stargate

PopTw?ster's Holojump® helmet is made with superluminal processing circuits that provide interspatial data transmission.

This helmet induces an artificial acceleration field around his body, allowing him to remote visit past and future periods in a holographic form, similar to the system used in the Avatar film.

Penrose, Stargate, Science Fiction, Isolated

All outside physical forces still affect the phased person, and they can still interact with the outside world, but time-dependent properties...

Such as gravitational acceleration and frequency -- are distorted to the degree of relative fifth-dimensional displacement.

Einstein was correct in his prediction that the velocity of light remains constant regardless of fifth-dimensional displacement. 


CHAPTER 2 - Black Panther...More Than A Movie

You're about to discover the most fascinating true story in human history. A secret that was never supposed to be found: a real-life Wakanda. 

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In a quest to unravel the mysteries of our distant past, PopTw?ster's Holojump® helmet takes him to the Sahara desert, where he encounters puzzling & surprising evidence of an advanced civilization that mysteriously disappeared.

Zerzura is a technological wonderland, centuries ahead of today's society with living dinosaurs, 16 ft humans & other wonders.

Those who examined the evidence state the findings re-write ancient history.

Some are more interested in maintaining the status quo than rocking the boat with astonishing new discoveries that overturn previously accepted academic teachings.       


The highly advanced culture of Zerzura pre-dates ancient Egypt and secretly exists today near the Sahara desert in a place unknown to the public.

This hidden society is populated by a racial mixture of all civilizations, coming from Europe, China, Africa and the Americas.

Like the Zerzurans, evidence reveals that ancient Egyptians did not concern themselves with race.

Nor should we, rather we should celebrate them for the great things they accomplished.

Society Was Multiracial (

Despite the propensity of modern Americans to classify people as black and white, the ancient Egyptians apparently never did.

"When you talk about Egypt, it's just not right to talk about black or white," said Frank J. Yurco, an Egyptologist at the Field Museum and the University of Chicago.

"That's all just American terminology and it serves American purposes. "The ancient Egyptians identified people by their national names," he said.

"Whenever a {non-Egyptian} group moved into Egypt, they were accepted.

There was no mass dis-crimination. New groups became Egyptianized. To take the terminology here {in the United States} and graft it onto Africa is anthropologically inaccurate."

 Four peoples of the world: a Libyan, a Nubian, an Asiatic, and an Egyptian. An artistic rendering by Heinrich von Minutoli (1820), based on a mural from the tomb of Seti I

Nubians and Kushites, with their Negroid features, mixed easily with Asiatics and Caucasoids with blond hair. By most accounts, Egypt's relations with its neighbors were based on politics and not race.

The truth about Egypt is that it lies on a crossroad of the Old World, drawing important influences from throughout the region, mixing race and ethnicity perhaps as freely as any nation ever has.

"We are applying a racial divisiveness to Egypt that they would never have accepted," Yurco said. "They would have considered this argument absurd, and that is something we could really learn from."

It is said that at the time of Atlantis and Rama, the Mediterranean was a large and fertile valley. This ancient civilization, pre-dating dynastic Egypt, was known as the Zerzuran Civilization.

The Nile river came out of Africa, as it does today, and was called the River Stix.

However, instead of flowing into the Mediterranean Sea at the Nile Delta in northern Egypt, it continued into the valley, and then turned westward to flow in the deepest part of the Mediterranean Valley where it created a large lake and then flowed out between Malta and Sicily, and south of Sardinia into the Atlantic at Gibraltar (the Pillars of Hercules).

When Atlantis was destroyed in a cataclysmic upheaval, this cataclysmic change in the Atlantic slowly flooded the Mediterranean Basin, destroying the Zerzuran’s great cities and forcing them to move to higher ground.

This theory helps explain the strange megalithic remains found throughout the Mediterranean.

It is an archaeological fact that there are more than 200 known sunken cities in the Mediterranean. Egyptian civilization, along with the Minoan and Mycenean in Crete and Greece are, in theory, remnants of this great, ancient culture.

The civilization built huge earthquake-proof megalithic structures and had electricity and other conveniences common during the time of Atlantis.

Like Atlantis & Rama, they had airships and other modes of transport, often electrical in nature.

The mysterious cart tracks of Malta, which go over cliffs and under water, may well be part of some ancient Zerzuran tram-line, possibly taking quarried stone to cities that are now submerged.

Probably the best example of the high technology of the Zerzurans is the amazing platform found at Ba’albek, Lebanon.

The main platform is composed of the largest hewn rocks in the world, the famous ashlars of Ba’albek.

Some of the individual stones are 82 feet long and 15 feet thick and are estimated to weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 tons each!

The ancient Zerzurans are often said to be the originators of every invention from toilet paper, earthquake detectors, paper money, canons, rocket technology, printing methods, and thousands of other clever and high-tech items.

In 1959 archaeologists discovered belt buckles made out of aluminum thousands of years ago. Aluminum is generally processed from bauxite with electricity!


Another example of amazing Zerzuran technology used to create ancient stone structures...

How did 'ancients' manage this with such ease?

Ancient Code Ancient Code: 

"It's hard to believe that stones with perfect angles and as smooth as glass were manipulated ONLY with the use of stone tools because it is something that we today would have trouble recreating with our modern day equipment.

It is not that easy to bring up a stone block that weighs 50 tons up a mountain, and to think that this was accomplished without the aid of some sort of technology is just illogical."

The next chapter reveals the magic science of the Zerzurans, used to levitate the Pyramid stones.



CHAPTER 3 - The Great Pyramid...Finally Solved

PopTw?ster uses the Holojump® helmet to solve the riddle of the Great Pyramid.   

Many people interested in ancient Egypt find the pyramids mysterious, but there are also puzzles from the land of the pyramids that the world knows almost nothing about.

For instance, the pyramids are on 17 acres of one solid stone plate that is cut to size from an unknown bedrock which is not from any known surrounding location.

Big beyond belief, nobody knows how this single platform stone was put there, it is too massive to even fathom something that large in place as a foundation.

and what we are about to explore is an ancient Egyptian secret that offers valuable knowledge about our distant past.

The great pyramid is a generator operating at 8 Hz frequency sound vibration. This occurs naturally when water flows through an underground aquifer.

Its structure accumulates this vibration energy turning it into usable form.

Lightning results from a discharge of this energy that we erroneously believe is a discharge of a buildup of static electricity.

Its source of power derives from the vibration of this planet.

The reason lightning leaps great distances is not due to a buildup of an enormous voltage like in the discharge of a capacitor.

It is because lightning is essentially a sound wave that it can travel that distance.

Lightning comprises an enormously powerful sound wave that produces light when vibrating molecules of air.

If lightning were a DC discharge of static electricity it would take more energy than a nuclear bomb to achieve this incalculable potential that is needed to leap a mile, as in many lightning strikes.

A large mass insulated from the air is all that is required to accumulate this energy. It is the same source that causes hydro poles to hum.

This is what Henry Moray described as “cold” electricity because it does not shock humans. But it is not electric at all and has no effect on the human nervous system.

This high frequency sound energy will produce light and drive a motor, but will not power heating appliances.

The lightning bolts in a picture of Tesla working in his laboratory are of this nature, produced by high frequency sound waves whose source is vibration of the planet, which is why he appears oblivious to danger.

These will not harm him even though they resemble a high voltage DC discharge.

You are likely familiar with a fluorescent tube lighting up without being connected to any electrical power when in the vicinity of a transmitter.

That is somewhat like the way the Egyptian light bulb operated, but in this case 8 Hz sound energy caused air molecules to fluoresce.

I accidentally became familiar with this source of power during the early 1960s when I erected a 1000 ft. long horizontal aerial between two 20 ft. high poles using insulated wire.

Aerials use bare wire, but insulated wire was all that I had on hand at the time and that is the kind that must be employed to harvest this energy.

This aerial was set up over an aquifer that was an underground gravel streambed beneath clay 35 ft. below the surface through which water flowed from a lake in the mountain.

It seems that an arid climate is essential. Like that at the site of the great pyramid. During certain conditions large sparks that did not shock me would fly off the lead-in wire to my metal bed frame, making a sound like machine gun fire, nor did these sparks harm a one-transistor radio.

When I touched the lead-in wire to an old radio tube it gave off sheets of blue light. Only one wire is required. No return path is needed as this high frequency sound energy apparently simply dissipates in the air.

The lead-in wire was tapped into the aerial at about the 1/8 part of its length. A tap that divides to tune the aerial is required.

Nothing happens at the lead-in wire connected to the end of the aerial. Each year the energy and sound seemed to increase in intensity.

Related image

If the insulating outer shell of limestone were not missing from the great pyramid it would continue to function in this manner.

The air within the pyramid is subject to an imperceptible fluorescence, lighting it up to a certain extent, which is why it is never pitch dark inside when the lights are turned off.

High frequency electromagnetic waves, i.e., sunlight, lights up our atmosphere, but light waves themselves are invisible.

High frequency sound waves that are likewise beyond our range of perception perform a similar function.

Presumably, the atmosphere may be made to light up using either high frequency electromagnetic waves or high frequency sound waves.

That provides a clue as to the purpose of the shafts in the pyramid.

These were simply paths for this high frequency source of sound power to follow, perhaps to affect the frequency and create a phase difference or to tune this apparatus.

The coffer may have had a similar function related to maintaining or changing frequency. The cone shape of the pyramid also fulfilled a role.

Experiments have shown that vibrating cones levitate or cause other objects to levitate.

Due to the shape of the pyramid the overall structure would have functioned like a lightning rod with the relieving chambers directing and controlling a vertical discharge at its tip.

One might envision it giving off a thundering sound while streaming a ray of light upward towards the heavens.

High frequency sound can be harnessed and put to work in a manner similar to A/C electricity. Evidence in the form of the so-called schist disk provides a clue as to how this energy was employed.

By creating a phase lag or phase difference a rotor made of stone (or other material) may be made to rotate at an enormously high rate of speed with sound energy derived from the vibration of the earth.

This is similar in principle to the manner in which an A/C motor operates using electricity.

An abundance of stone vases were discovered that seem to have been manufactured using high speed rotation.

Obelisks were receivers of accumulated earth vibration energy from the pyramid and emitted blue light.

By understanding how to employ earth vibration energy the ancients also harnessed it to neutralize gravity, which is how blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tons could be moved with ease.

Gravity is the result of the elastic reaction of one solid passing through another solid of whose existence we are unaware because it exists at a frequency of vibration beyond our range of perception.

Material is virtually all empty space and one material can pass right through another oblivious of the existence of the other in the same manner that radio waves pass right through solid substances.

But some frequencies of electromagnetic waves are slowed down and others bounce back at which point we become aware of them in the form of light.

Gravity in a material sense is akin to the bouncing back of light waves is to radio waves.

It is like an otherwise undetectable elastic substance that when we move up from the surface of the earth stretches and serves to fling us back down.

Related image

High frequency sound channeled through a pair of cones from base to apex to create a phase displacement may be employed to neutralize the existence of this undetectable solid.

A large block of granite then becomes like a block of Styrofoam not only eliminating its weight but also its hardness enabling it to be cut and shaped with ease.

Outer space that to us appears to be a vacuum may in reality be a solid vibrating beyond our range of perception.

Ancients used the great pyramid to accumulate earth vibration energy in conjunction with obelisks to light up the countryside and by creating a phase displacement harnessed it in a form of motor to spin apparatus at high speed and also employed sound to neutralize gravity and largely eliminate the hardness of solids.

Footnotes: Planets vibrate at particular frequencies. That their bodies are tuned to a different frequency may account for why extra-terrestrial visitors have a difficult time or find it impossible to maintain a visible presence on earth.

Tones sent through a pair of stone cones from base to apex appears to be the way a phase displacement was created.

Drawings on an Egyptian wall depict an object like a stone tuning fork about eight feet high with one prong longer than the other likely used to divide a stream of sound energy creating a lag or phase difference.

Recent research reveals that sound waves have a slightly magnetic quality. However, this magnetism might be the result of vibrating material and not a product of the sound itself.

The fundamental “beat” of our planet is 8 Hz, otherwise known as the Schumann resonance that is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.

A hydro pole that was on top of an aquifer where water had welled up through the clay layer forming a nearby pool gave off a sound like an industrial buzzer at full volume, which provides a clue as to the purpose of the obelisks.

Operating in combination with the great pyramid that changed the frequency to one that would cause the atmosphere to light up, the obelisks lit up the countryside.

Obelisks that were constructed in Switzerland are invariably paired with an adjacent pool of water.

Sound energy derived from the vibration of the earth. This is similar in principle to the manner in which an A/C motor operates using electricity.

Where did they acquire this knowledge to create such technology?

It happened by chance when an ancient struck two cone shaped stones together to listen to them ring when to his astonishment the boulder he was leaning against seemed to turn to putty and become weightless, but resumed its solidity and weight when the ringing ceased.

Vibration technology developed from that point. Obelisks serve a purpose in transmission or collection of this energy. Our current civilization developed electricity instead.

The following chapter will explore how this 'Magic-Science' applied to everyday life in Atlantis.

CHAPTER 4We Are All Atlanteans





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