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Looking for a new edge in advertising, for your brand or events? Tut Lightspeed's Magnet Event program offers that edge.

It's the quickest way to instantly begin out-marketing your competitors, and they'll never know what hit them.

Attract customers with the ultimate WOW factor.   

No matter your industry or offer, a customized Magnet Event will attract prospects in droves.

Our team works with you, to integrate your marketing message into an attention-grabbing event & magical campaign for your company or your clients.   Image result for press logo image 

Why chase customers when you can bring in a ton of them at once by pulling off an unforgettable marketing campaign.

A Magnet Event creates excitement around your brand and draw new customers to your business or campaign.

Over the course of a unique live presentation, Tut Lightspeed
introduces audiences to advanced technologies and principals that have the potential to revolutionize our scientific world - and the consciousness of everyone alive on earth today.

The knowledge he is offering may play a key role in re-creating a state of Eden on Earth.

Tut Lightspeed will take audience members on a surprising and enthralling journey into the mysterious and unknown, demonstrating cutting-edge alternative science to reveal exciting future-based technology to our world.

We are also set up to partner with PR/event companies and other creative agencies to help generate valuable buzz for their clients with a custom Magnet Event.  


Showcase your company’s unique branding prowess with a one-of-a-kind campaign or event. When it comes to getting your brand noticed, nothing  else compares to the medium of mystery for capturing your audience's attention.

What Others Say

 "This is the easiest and the most effective way to brand awareness I have ever seen, it's the greatest idea of the year. Tut Lightspeed has virtually made my business grow overnight." - J. Donahower, CEO

“Your professionalism was only outdone by your ability to captivate our sales managers into a stupefied silence!” - Volvo 

"Tut Lightspeed knew how to attract our customers to contact us and made getting those customers a lot easier than we thought. Now, we are bringing in new clients for a fraction of the cost that we spent for client acquisition previously.

Secret City works fast, affordably, and at an extremely high quality." - Deon Buhrman, Vice President

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"Tut Lightspeed's Magnet Event program brought us 9 Subscribers in less than ONE MINUTE! Our advertising costs are lower than ever, and our site visits are higher. This is incredible, virtually painless advertising. This is a business building tool that every business owner should have." - Lyn Gosselin, North Las Vegas

"Tut Lightspeed & Secret City helped us increase revenue by over 300%!- Susan Herweyer, Senior VP


If you didn't have the attention of customers before, wait until you see how they respond now.


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